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It’s Kind of Spa-ish…

“This is kind of spa-ish…” my friend Vivianne of LIVE_F>A>S>T magazine emailed me yesterday, regarding her latest feature on JAPANESE LOVE HOTELS. I took a look, and sure, there’s a bathtub. And yes, it’s about hotels, which tend to occasionally have spas.  But is it really “spa-ish”? That’d be a no. Well, more ISH than spa, in any case. However, the bubblegum-happy photographs are great and the story behind them is pretty cool, so I thought it was worth a post. Check it out.

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Dashama’s Delicious Flavored Fish Oils

Dashama new life magazine

The view from my morning meditation at Dashama’s place

I’ve had the honor and pleasure of spending the past few days in Dashama’s world. With a skilled and graceful way of hopping around town making people smile and cutting business deals all at the same time, this beautiful and bubbly healthy lifestyle guru (named Yogini of The Year by New Life Magazine!) is bursting with ideas in motion.

avalon organics lavenderSpa kidnapping in full effect! I’ve taken Dashama to some of the best spas in Miami, and in turn, she has let me in on her some of her secret gems – from favorite beaches (South Pointe) to the best juice bar in town (Juice and Java). When you’re staying with a guru of any sort, always pay attention to the details. Observe the things that make them happy, learn from the things they do to stay productive and creative, and take note of how they pamper their five senses. For example, I’m obsessed with Dashama’s lotion, the Avalon Organics in Lavender. It’s very spa-ish and soothing, and I will definitely be getting that when I get home.

You can bet that when you’re staying with a yogi, you’ll also learn about delicious super foods, endless exotic extracts and the trendiest organic substances on the market right now. You will make smoothies with chia and raw cacao, and you will take pictures of it all to remember what to buy when you get home. Or maybe, you’ll video it.

My first morning at Casa de Dashama I had a particularly blissful meditation on her wraparound balcony, and then when I came inside, and breakfast was served, along with the lowdown on all its amazing nutritional benefits:


Barlean’s Fish Oil, a wellness essential for your poshest and healthiest fridge yet. Stay tuned for more of my wellness adventures with Dashama, this is just the beginning!

barlean's fish oil

Spa Foodie: Apple Cider Vinegar Cures Hiccups, Hair, Skin + More!

Hold your breath for 15 seconds and imagine pink elephants dancing on the ceiling.

Pull on your tongue then tickle the roof of your mouth with a cotton ball.

Guzzle water and wait patiently for someone to jump out from behind a bush and scare the bejesus out of you.

People do the strangest things to get rid of hiccups, but Mallory Kievman, a 13-year-old girl who had a few bad hiccup spells, was tired of them ALL. None of the countless folk-cures were working, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and invent her own hiccup fix.

Mallory Kievman, CEO

After two years of experimentation, Mallory did it. She created a solution mixing apple cider vinegar and sugar, hardening it into a candy and attaching it to a stick. She invented lollipops that cure hiccups. Hiccupops!


“It triggers a set of nerves in your throat and mouth that are responsible for the hiccup reflex arc,” Mallory explained. “It basically over-stimulates those nerves and cancels out the message to hiccup.”

She was honored at the Connecticut Invention Convention last spring, and Mallory is now preparing to lead a team of M.B.A. students from the University of Connecticut to launch her hiccup-hindering company this summer. Don’t hold your breath! You can sign up for more info now.

And that’s not all apple cider vinegar is good for – add “curing hiccups” to the list of wonderful benefits you can find in a bottle of apple cider vinegar:

6 Beauty and Wellness Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

HAIR: It serves as a great hair rinse to make hair nice and shiny, because it gets rid of residue build-up. Fill an old shampoo bottle with 1/2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a cup of cold water. Pour through your hair 2-3 times a week after shampooing.

SKIN: It helps regulate the pH balance of your skin. Dilute apple cider vinegar with two parts water, and spread it on your face with a cotton ball as a toner before moisturizer. You can also dab it on dark spots and age spots overnight to lighten their color.

HANDS AND FEET: Rub apple cider vinegar onto your hands and feet for a spa-ish way to relieve that tired, swollen feeling after a long day.

TEETH: Rub directly on teeth – apple cider vinegar can help remove stains! Be sure to rinse out.

AFTERSHAVE: Fill a bottle with one part apple cider, one part water, shaken not stirred.

WEIGHT-LOSS + DETOX: Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a water bottle. Drink throughout the day to cleanse your body and kidneys all day long.

Hiccupops photos and quotes via NYTimes, apple cider vinegar tips via Care2, and that gorgeous apple cider vinegar hair-colored woman was photographed by Joseph Cartright.

Travel Tuesday: Elephant Massages in Thailand

Typically you get a massage so you can close your eyes and relax. But if you found out your massage therapist weighed well over a ton and lacked opposable thumbs, would you even be able to blink? Don’t get me wrong, I always appreciate a nice big burly massage therapist. But an elephant? In Thailand, elephants are some of the most sought after therapists in the land.

Thai Massage takes on a whole new meaning. They’ve got moves. They pat, push, tickle and perhaps accidentally knead out knots with their feet and trunks.  More often than not, they get a little frisky. Possible grounds for a law suit in America, but in Thailand, we’re just having some big floppy-eared spa-ish fun with the largest land mammal on earth. Who, after all this, definitely deserve some massages themselves.

See demonstrations below.

Would you try an Elephant Massage?

Photo via

Travel Tuesday: Jacuzzi Bicycles in Paris

My girl Viv over at  just returned from a month-long joie de vivre around Europe. I envied her vivid trail of euro-Instagram fun (displayed beautifully on her tumblr, if you’re curious) and her many adventures. Notably, she came back with this interesting explanation of how French women don’t get fat: Bathtub bicycles. The first ever workout jacuzzi. Read all about the Waterbike on Live Fast. Filed under spa-ish.

Waterbike, aquabiking individuel. from Water Bike on Vimeo.