Travel Tuesday: Elephant Massages in Thailand

Typically you get a massage so you can close your eyes and relax. But if you found out your massage therapist weighed well over a ton and lacked opposable thumbs, would you even be able to blink? Don’t get me wrong, I always appreciate a nice big burly massage therapist. But an elephant? In Thailand, elephants are some of the most sought after therapists in the land.

Thai Massage takes on a whole new meaning. They’ve got moves. They pat, push, tickle and perhaps accidentally knead out knots with their feet and trunks.  More often than not, they get a little frisky. Possible grounds for a law suit in America, but in Thailand, we’re just having some big floppy-eared spa-ish fun with the largest land mammal on earth. Who, after all this, definitely deserve some massages themselves.

See demonstrations below.

Would you try an Elephant Massage?

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