Highly Skilled Kitty Gives Pug A Swedish Massage

If I wasn’t deathly allergic to cats and had no morals when it comes to stealing… I would steal this cat.

Watch as this kitty tirelessly gives his sleeping canine friend Toby a Swedish massage with mind-blowing therapeutic talent! He’s using distinct modalities including forms of petrissage (not to be confused with pet massage), and even digs his forearms (forefront-legs?) deeply into Toby’s back to relax muscles and get the circulation going.

Dontchya think it’s rude that Toby’s snoring? Well, true massage therapists take it as the greatest compliment when their client falls asleep mid-treatment – remember that! Maybe the Pet Spa at Harrods is hiring?

Cat Massages A Pug – Watch More Funny Videos

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