Merkin Madness! Cindy Barshop Launches Feather & Fur Lady Parts

So, I ran into ex-Real Housewife of New York, completely bare spa owner Cindy Barshop in the elevator yesterday, NBD or anything. We’ve actually been sharing the same office building since November – who knew? Well, as fate would have it, Cindy, the mastermind behind Vajeweling (Vajazzling) and Vatooing, told me about her new product that literally just launched and got picked up in TMZ and Gawker yesterday. Wait for it… wait for it… The Foxy Bikini.

It’s winter and your mons pubis is surely getting chilly, why not treat it like a real person and wrap it in a warm, pretty fox fur… pubic wig? As Cindy says, beauty follows fashion and fox is all over the runway for pre-fall, from Missoni’s sleeveless vest with beaver and fox chevroned fur trim (below, left) to Marc Jacob’s mock-croc bomber jacket with fox fur trim (below, right). Once again, Cindy is ahead of the curve and has created the newest merkin craze.

Missoni Pre-Fall 2012Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

At the top, in pink, is the Foxy Bikini – made from real fox fur, only $225. It comes in a variety of colors, lasts about 3-5 days, even through showers, working out and working out (wink, wink). And the show-stopper? The multi-colored lady parts decoration below is the Carnivale Bikini, $195, to decorate your hoo-ha just in time for Mardi Gras with bright feathers in your choice of colors.

Stay tuned for more on the most glamorous merkins on earth – we are sooo not done here! (Hint hint: at completely bare filming today…)

UPDATE: Click to see how it’s all done in our exclusive MERKIN VIDEO!

Runway photos via, fox and feather photos via TMZ

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