Win a $20,000 7-Night Fiji Vacay! As Seen in PEOPLE

people spa week fiji vacation contest

Fiji, here you come!

As seen in People MagazineSpa Week will be sending

one lucky winner and a guest on a seven night vacation at the exclusive

Turtle Island Fiji.

You and a guest will arrive in style, all expenses paid, to your own private beachfront villa. Celebrities including Charlize Theron, Vanessa Williams, Dennis Quaid and Rob Lowe retreat to this luxurious private island oasis. Your ultimate celebrity vacation awaits… minus the paparazzi, of course.

BUT… we can’t tell you how to enter!

To find out the SECRET link, you MUST pick up this issue of People Magazine, on stands today:

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  • Marion

    my daughters and I enjoy People Magazine

  • Jjjcnp

    This is cruel!

    • SpaWeekDaily

      Ugh so sorry— you really can't get to the page? We've looked into this so many times and have no idea what the trouble is. Someone commented that it worked from a PC but not a MAC. Have you tried both?

  • Pbrill

    could not enter – feel frustrated

  • Bbtaylor

    I agree with ALL of the others. Have the magazine, looked for some SPECIAL instructions, didn't find them……..SCAM!!!!

  • Joanne

    This is the only thing you get when you type in the exact link that people page 126 says to do. This is very frustrating why is it such a secret? Please help!!

  • Lady Di

    I am ticked!!! I received my subscription and the issue that the above directs me to and I am unable to enter!!!!
    False advertising does not make me very happy!
    I wanted to enter this sweepstakes and not being able to really sucks!!!

  • Penny4242

    could not log in

  • Jan

    How do you enter? I see that others are having the trouble as well. False advertising. Shame on you.

  • Mziherl

    I tried the website listed in People with no luck!

  • Maryjanevangura

    I have tried to enter all night and google search says it does not exist.
    Looks like others are having a problem too.
    What is the secret???

  • Amc214

    tried 5 times to get into the page, it does not exist

    • SpaWeekDaily

      We had over 1000 entries over the weekend; it definitely exists! I'm sorry you are having trouble finding it… you can do it!

      • Karen

        tried what People Magazine said to enter: and the response is:

        Your search – – did not match any documents.


        •Make sure all words are spelled correctly.

        •Try different keywords.

        •Try more general keywords.

        Nice you got 1000 entries – in my book this is some sort of scam.

      • Dianne/Lady Di

        Well People must have left the “SECRET” out of my copy like they did for the rest of the people trying to enter! What kind of gimmick are you running here?
        Don't play games with people and try and mess up their heads….we have enough of that every day in our personal lives! You offer a sweepstakes and then we cannot enter it!

        • SpaWeekDaily

          The link is working! We're on the page right now…

        • KJH5354

          I found I couldn't enter from my MAC but could from a PC. Maybe that's your challenge?? Hope that helps…

      • Ariannebrown

        please tell us what we r doing wrong. I have a people magazine with me and no luck? Your help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  • Mmarzy1

    Haven't tried to enter yet, but mean to. All prizes look great!

  • WIENS6610

    have the magazine in my hand; got the link: no luck entereing the contest


    • SpaWeekDaily

      We've gotten over 1000 entries… this must be working!

  • sgb

    i have the people magazine page and entry website but it doesn't come up. what to do?


  • Pittypatr

    I'm looking at the current People re the Spa Week Getaway and there are no rules. Can't get to the through Google either. What gives?????

  • Aimee Foott

    have the People Magazine, but can't find the trip info….?????

    • SpaWeekDaily

      It's in there, promise!

      • Jenniferolivera

        I just read down the entire page, it does not say anything on how to enter